From the Book Pioneers & Progress a History of Wycheproof by M.P.Boyce.
When a site was selected for a school at Wycheproof in October, 1875, a meeting was called to discuss building of the school.
It was held at Camp Park, the property of Mr T Passey, on October 15. Mr Huncleslider, the German-born father of 12 children was voted
to the chair. After discussion of the proposed building project, a committee of 13 was formed to raise the necessary money to build the school.
Mr J.F.Dobbin rode around the district to encourage support of the proposed school. On one such visit, to Mr Moffatt's station he was given
a donation of 10 Pounds.
From donations and with their own labor, the committee erected the school building, having it ready to open in 1876. (Mr Morgan was the
head teacher of the first Wycheproof school).
After about six years the school became too small for the number of children attending, and a request for a larger school was made to the Education Department. In 1882 a new school was built with Mr Morgan continuing as head teacher.

As the township was well established the west side of the Mount and the school was still over on the east side, removal of the school to a more central position seemed logical. On October 26, 1891, at a crowded meeting a proposal to move the school to the west side of the Mount was discussed.
The discussion became heated since residents on the east of the Mount were, naturally enough, reluctant to agree to the removel of the school from their vicinity. West side residents however , appeared to have the stronger argument when they pointed out that the present school had been built for 84 children (in 1882) and there was currently 100 on the roll, only 16 of them being from the east. The west side had an average attending of 78.
The west side therefore won the decision and plans went ahead to for the removal of the school, although it was June 1893, almost two years after the decisive meeting before the plans could be effected.

As most children lived on the west side of the Mount in 1893 the school was shifted to its present position